Fairy Tale Art Illustrations by Adrienne Segur

Fairy Tales are the myths we live by, evoking the imagination and teaching us the lessons of the heart. Adrienne Ségur is at the center of Art Passions because my lifelong love of fairy tales began with the illustrations to the Fairy Tale Book by Adrienne Segur.

About Adrienne Segur: Adrienne Ségur was born in 1901. She is often confused with the Comtesse de Segur, but the Comtesse de Segur was born in 1799 and died in 1874. The title page of the American edition of Misha, the Little Brown Bear says the author is the "Countess Adrienne Segur". Moreover, the American edition of Misha (1932) is dedicated to H.R.H. Princess Elisabeth of Greece.

New!: Biographical Information and photos of Adrienne Segur.

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Bright, Deardeer, and Kit - by Adrienne Segur

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The rabbit is late
The pool of tears
Alice and the creatures of Wonderland
Caucus Race
Small Bill
A little house
Advice from a Caterpillar
One side will make you grow larger
Pig and Pepper
Frog Valet
Crazy Tea
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Cheshire Cat
Flamingo Croquet
The Jabberwock
Lobster Quadrille
Who stole the tarts?
The Queen of Hearts
The Testimony of Alice

The Red Shoes

The girl who walked on bread
The parakeet
The ugly duckling
The ugly duckling and the cat
Kay at the window
Snow Queen Part 1
Snow Queen Part 2
Gerda and the Bird
The Fir Tree
The Wild Swans
He carried her home
The red shoes
Thumbelina part 1
Thumbelina part 2
Thumbelina in the forest

Illustrations to The Fairy Tale Book

Some, but not all, of these illustrations also appear in Il Etait une Fois (the French edition, and in Knaurs Tiermarchen (the German edition), and Le Livre des Bêtes Enchantées

Sleeping Beauty (1 of 2)
Sleeping Beauty (2 of 2)
The Frog Princess
Kuzma and the Fox
Puss in Boots
Thumbelina (1 of 3)
Thumbelina (2 of 3)
Thumbelina (3 of 3)
Green Snake
The Tinder Box
Kip the Enchanted Cat
Grace and Derek
Urashima and the Turtle
The Wild Swans
Hans and the Striped Cat
Little Red Riding Hood
The White Deer
Beauty and the Beast
Queen Cat (not the same illustration
as in My Big Book of Cats)
Cowlick Ricky
The Seven Crow Princes
The Royal Ram
Bright, Deardeer, and Kit (1 of 3)
Bright, Deardeer, and Kit (2 of 3)
Bright, Deardeer, and Kit (3 of 3)
Dawn the Golden Haired
Finn the Keen Falcon

My Big Book of Cat Stories

These illustrations also appear Le Chat Jérémie et autres histoires de chats.

The Cat, the Fox, and the Little Rooster (1 of 2)
The Cat, the Fox, and the Little Rooster (2 of 2)
Jeremy the Cat, Lord of the Forest
The Owl and the Pussycat
How Cats Came to Purr
Baba Yaga's Cat
Baba Yaga's Cat (end mark)
Three Who Spun (1 of 2)
Three Who Spun (2 of 2)
The Cat and the Sick Chicken
The Boy who Drew Cats
The Cat with the Crooked Tail
Queen Cat (single)
Queen Cat (1 of 2)
Queen Cat (2 of 2)
The Talking Cat
The Repentant Cat
The Tip of the Tail of the Cat
Butter-Ears the Cat
The Legend of Patripat the Cat
That Stupid Jack and his Cat

Misha, the Little Brown Bear

Originally, Misha, le Petit Ours Brun.

Misha - Front Cover
Misha - Inside front cover
Misha - American Title Page
Misha - Back inside cover
Misha - Back cover

The Snow Queen and Other Stories

Winter's Promised Bride
The Cat Who Became Lord of the Forest
Baba Yaga (1 of 2)
Baba Yaga (2 of 2)
Three Dwarfs of the Forest
Jorinda and Joringel
Melito and His Soul
Alenka and Her Brother
The Little Old Woman
The Snow Queen (1 of 4)
The Snow Queen (2 of 4)
The Snow Queen (3 of 4)
The Snow Queen (4 of 4)
The Little Girl Made of Snow (1 of 2)
The Little Girl Made of Snow (2 of 2)
Prince Ivan, the Infant Ogress,
and the Little Sister of the Sun

Cotonnet Aviateur

Cotonnet Aviateur
Cotonnet Flying with Balloons
Cotonnet Meets the Elephant
Talking with the Elephant
On an Island
Posing for the Camera

Illustrations to The Nutcracker (Nussknacker und Mauskonig)

These illustrations are from Nussknacker und Mauskonig but appear in The Snow Queen and Other Stories.

With Fritz
Godfather Drosselmayer
The Little Man in the Wooden Jacket
Strange Happenings
Battle Royal (1 of 2)
Battle Royal (1 of 2)
The Mouse Queen
Threat Against Princess Pirlipat
Search for the nut Crackatuk (1 of 2)
Search for the nut Crackatuk (2 of 2)
The Mouse King
The Capital
The Doll Kingdom
Tea Party (1 of 2)
Tea Party (2 of 2)

Illustrations to L'Oiseau D'Or (The Golden Bird)

Vassilissa La Belle - 1 (Vassilissa the Beautiful 1)
Vassilissa La Belle - 2 (Vassilissa the Beautiful 2)
La Mere Qui Chante, Le Pomme Qui Daube, et L'Oisillon Qui Dit Tout (The Mother who Sings, the Apple that Stinks, and the Fledgling that Tells All)
La Petite Vielle de la Fôret (The Little Old Woman in the Forest)
Les Douze Mois (The 12 Months)
Neigeblanche et Roserouge (Snow White and Rose Red)
Frerot et Soeurette (Little Brother and Sister)
Les Trois Petits Hommes de la Fôret (The Three Little Men in the Forest)
Yorinde et Yoringue (Yorinde and Yoringue)
Le Chat, Le Moineau, et Le Petit Bonhomme (The Cat, the Sparrow, and the Little Gentleman)
Unoeil, Deuxyeaux, Troisyeaux (Oneeye, Twoeyes, Threeeyes)
L'Oiseau D'Or (The Golden Bird 1)
L'Oiseau D'Or (The Golden Bird 2)
Grain D'Aile (Grain of the Wing)
Le Noel de Petite Pomme (The Christmas of Little Apple)
Le Prince Charmant (The Charming Prince)
Le Loup de Catherine (Catherine's Wolf)
Philippine et Le Joeur de Luth (Philippine and the Lute Player)
Le Marriage du Cordonnier (The Marriage of the Shoemaker)
Histoire d'un Petit Oiseau Reconnaissant (The Story of a Grateful Little Bird)

Adrienne Segur Resources

Books and Posters with Adrienne Segur illustrations


The Fairy Tale Book is out of print but has been reprinted as The Golden Book of Fairy Tales and is available here. It has all the illustrations and the pages are the same size. The paper is not quite as thick and has a different quality. The colors are not not the same as the original; they are closer to those in Le Livre des Bêtes Enchantées.

The Snow Queen and Other Tales has been reprinted and is available here: The Snow Queen and Other Tales illustrated by Adrienne ségur.

Other Books Illustrationed by Adrienne Segur:

    La Maison Grise en Face (color plates by Maggie Salcedo, black and white drawings in the text by Adrienne Ségur)
    L'Enfant et Les Sortileges
    Un Tout Petit Cochon S'en Allait a L'Ecole
    Le Pays de Trente-Six Mille Volontes (coming soon)
    Ib et Christine (coming soon)
    Les Aventures de Cotonnet
    Histoire d'un Casse-Noisette un conte d'Hoffmann (same as Nutcracker)
    Cotonnet en Amerique (coming soon)
    La Rose de Noel (coming soon)
    Cigognes d'Alsace (coming soon)

I am still looking for some of these myself. If a title is noted as "coming soon", it means I bought it (don't ask) but haven't scanned it yet.

The books listed on this page may not be all the books illustrated by Adrienne Segur; they are just the ones I am aware of.

To find other books illustrated by Adrienne Segur, you will want to do a booksearch. I have had some luck finding Segur-illustrated books here.

Adrienne Segur Posters and Art Prints

Sadly, I do not know of a source for Adrienne Segur posters or artprints. One possibility is to have a Fairy Tale or Snow Queen illustration nicely matted and framed.

Or you can try a general search (by artist, subject, or title). For example, you can combine artist and subject; for example, enter Parrish Cinderella in the box to find posters and artprints by Maxfield Parrish with the subject of Cinderella:

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Other Resources

Suggested Reading in Fairytale Mythology

Recommended reading list in fairytales and mythological studies. The emphasis is on mythological studies but there are several good suggestions for books on understanding dreams, myths, and fairytales.

Fairytale Education

Fairy Tales We Live By - an article on myth and fairy tales by Jonathan Young's Insights from a Cinderella Story - a film review of Ever After - A Cinderella Story by Jonathan Young .

NEW! You can see a video excerpt from Dr. Young's presentation on the Magic of Fairy Tales of 29 May 2002 at The Inside Edge Foundation for Education.

The Symbolism of Fairytales - an introductory course for graduate students but useful for artists, teachers, writers, and others with an interest in fairytales by Dr. Jonathan Young .

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